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15 Jan 2020

Trump’s Human Trafficking Record Is Fake News

Trump’s Human Trafficking Record Is Fake News

The U.S. federal government has simply released a highly expected individual legal legal rights report that whitewashes the results of the very own policies.

Since using workplace in 2017, the Trump management has claimed that its individual legal rights agenda centers around individual trafficking. “My Administration will continue to work to push the darkness human traffickers out cast upon the world,” President Donald Trump published in a 2017 administrator order declaring January 2018 nationwide Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. In a Washington Post op-ed, Ivanka Trump echoed her father’s claims that human being trafficking ended up being among the government’s priorities that are top. “President Abraham Lincoln and also the abolitionist movement offered America an unique inheritance: a principled commitment to battle slavery in most its pernicious forms,” she penned. “This management is continuing the battle to get rid of contemporary slavery and making use of every device at its disposal to accomplish this critical objective.”

Nevertheless when it comes down to distinguishing the fact of trafficking within the united states of america and fighting it, these claims are contradicted by many people for the management’s policies and far of their rhetoric. The Trump administration’s approach to trafficking in the United States has made matters worse for the most vulnerable communities in many key ways. Anti-trafficking professionals now stress that the federal government, by neglecting to recognize its failings, could do lasting injury to exactly just exactly what has typically been considered the country’s top individual legal rights report, the latest version of that has been released Thursday.

Their state Department’s trafficking that is annual individuals (TIP) Report is really a collaboration between a designated workplace in Washington and neighborhood U.S. (more…)