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02 Dec 2019

Work demands return of ISIS spouses and kids from Syria

Work demands return of ISIS spouses and kids from Syria

Melbourne-born ISIS bride Zehra Duman ended up being mysteriously taken from al-Hawl refugee camp 90 days ago with another combined set of Australians and secretly imprisoned for days before she ended up being recently gone back towards the camp.

The set of Australian ISIS families was hooded through the evacuation operation so as to guarantee they would not understand where these people were going.

But whilst the other moms and young ones had been taken fully to Iraq, where they came across officials that are australian Ms Duman had been detained together with her two kiddies in Syria.

She will not understand where she ended up being imprisoned, why she had been imprisoned or why she had been returned and released to your camps.

The daddy of just one of this ladies in the refugee camp confirmed that Ms Duman went missing through the camp 90 days ago.

“Zehra was taken out from the camp. We still cannot get the reason. It’s the strangest thing. We don’t understand why and she ended up being really detained,” Kamalle Dabboussy stated.

“She had been taken someplace and then we don’t understand where she had been taken. After which she had been cut back extremely recently. (more…)