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26 Feb 2020

Portland Community University

Portland Community University

Step four: Receive your funds

If you should be getting decidedly more cash than you borrowed from in tuition and costs, checksmart you are going to receive a “financial aid reimbursement”. After completing Step 3 – Review and accept award, stick to the steps below to get your funds.

Ways to get your cash

Watch your PCC e-mail

Immediately after accepting your honor, you will get a message about MyRefunds.

Choose your reimbursement technique

To decide on the method that you want to get your cash, go right to the spending money on College tab in MyPCC and then click Manage MyRefunds. (It is underneath the school funding Dashboard.) Do that by the Saturday that is first of term, or your reimbursement could possibly be delayed by as much as a couple of weeks.

Watch for disbursement

On the disbursement dates shown below, check your My Account channel in MyPCC to see reimbursement quantities.

Want books? Are you aware many students can charge publications to financial aid – even before their funds is disbursed? It really is true, and it is awesome!

Get your cash (it will require 1 to 3 times)

Your refund will be brought to your account within 1 to 3 company days – see MyRefunds to find out more. You’ll receive a message whenever your refund was delivered.

Disbursement routine

Various funds are disbursed at different occuring times. Find your fund below to see with regards to will be disbursed.

Disbursement schedule
variety of fund wintertime 2019 Spring 2019 summer time 2019 Fall 2019 Winter 2020 Spring 2020
Grants and Loans Jan 17 Apr 11 Jul 5 Oct 3 Jan 16 Apr 9
Direct Loan, 1st-time debtor Disbursement for 1st-time borrowers is delayed 1 month. Feb 7 May 2 Jul 25 Oct 24 Feb 6 Apr 30
Direct loan that is 1-term 2nd disbursement One-term loans are distributed in 2 disbursements. (more…)