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Welcome To Chilliez

Chilliez  is a full-scale manufacturing, retail and service company offering a wide range of products and services to sparkle your home or an office space with elegance. Through our multiple franchisees strategically located in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, we offer customized modular kitchens, office furniture, wardrobes, accessories, appliances etc. to create incredibly beautiful spaces. We use only the best-in-class material from top-notch suppliers based in Germany and Italy. We manufacture them at our state-of-the-art factories and custom fit them for you, passing savings and offering a warranty on them. Our brilliantly talented designers and expert craftsmen work tirelessly to pour life into your dreams.We understand better than anyone in this business that home is where you yearn to go back after a tiring day and home is where you create your lifelong memories with family. It is the mission of our work to make your homes magically charming. It is also our mission to transform office spaces elegantly beautiful to motivate and inspire work.We also have the capacity and a rich experience working on large contracts with hundreds to thousands of apartments. Highest quality and exceptional customer service are at the core of our existence as a company.